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Picturesque Photography and ‘Lightpaintings’

With a camera one could paint very well. Since 2001 I experiment with my so called ‘Lightpaintings’. That is the camera is moved in different ways, depending on the motif, while the photograph is exposed. Photographs like this show moments not perceptible with ones eyes. My favourite motifs are flowers, trees and other motifs of nature.

Followers of the Zen say that one could understand Zen as the ‘eternity of the moment’.
In that sense I try to catch moments with my camera one can’t usually notice, but which are real. These quick moments are fixed forever. The viewer could dip into these timeless moments. The attentiveness is focused on this one short glance.
So to speak my pictures show visible timelessness, if this is possible at all!

My method of photography results in picturesque, kind of pastel but also abstract pictures.
The effect of these pictures works through the composition of colours and not through the depiction of reality. My motifs dissolve and flow into colourful dots, wavy lines, smeared colour prints and confused complexes of colours. What emerges is a turn down of the realism.
This kind of nature photography shows impressionistic ways, which could be explored till the outermost borders of possibility.

Walter J. Pilsak, Waldsassen, Germany 2006


list of publications:

CHIP-FOTO-VIDEO / Heft 06/2007

d-pixx / Heft 2/2006

FOTOHEFT / Heft 9/2004

DigitalCamera magazin / Heft 6/2003